Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching



Full-time members of the Rhodes Faculty who have taught at least three years at Rhodes and who have not previously been awarded this prize.

Criteria for Selection

The award recipient demonstrates excellent teaching over the past three years as reflected in student course evaluations, colleague assessments, and other evidence of an overall high quality of teaching in an undergraduate liberal arts environment.

The award recipient’s teaching embodies imaginative and creative pedagogy and exhibits currency in the subjects taught.

The award recipient has a strong record of motivating students toward advanced study in the award recipient’s discipline or in the students’ own chosen areas of study.


Nominations should be forwarded to the office of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and must be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 11. The nominator should provide a written statement that describes how the nominee’s teaching meets the criteria stated. Nominations can be submitted electronically to or by using the online form.