Goss Honored for Exceptional Performance as Yale Teaching Fellow


Publication Date: 12/12/2008

Rhodes alumnus John Goss has been designated a Prize Teaching Fellow (PTF) at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He has been a Teaching Fellow in two courses, “Cell Biology” and “Principles of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Lab.”

Goss gives Rhodes faculty credit for teaching him about pedagogy. On the Yale Web site, he says, “I had many fantastic teaching role models and learned a lot about what makes a great teacher. Specifically, I learned that different students can have very different learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc.), and that gifted teachers can present material in a variety of ways to engage all their students.”

PTF’s are nominated by the students they have taught and the faculty who have supervised them. The Yale site also says letters of nomination cited Goss’ inspirational enthusiasm, cheerful disposition, and approachability. Goss earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Rhodes in 2002.