Woolsocks Contribute Holiday Cheer to Rhodes E-card


Publication Date: 12/16/2008

On a recent winter evening, Rhodes staff leaving Palmer Hall for the day were treated to a mini-concert by the Woolsocks, whose harmonies filled the lobby of Halliburton Tower. The male student a capella group had agreed to be recorded for Rhodes’ 2008 holiday e-card. Carols included “Sleigh Ride” (featured in the card) and “White Christmas,” and the young men performed a couple of other tracks—“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Carry On”—for fun. (Additional tracks may be viewed below.)

The Woolsocks have existed in one form or another for the last 24 years. Originally a one-credit, glee-club course in the Music department, they have grown into a student-run and -directed group of twelve who perform all types of music—all without accompaniment. In their rendition of “Carry On,” for example, they substitute vocal sounds for instrumental solos.

The group has released four albums, including a holiday collection, and plan to record a new holiday album in 2009. ′A′ for Effort, released in spring 2008, is their most recent recording. To purchase an album, contact Woolsocks president Toney Walsh ’09 (toneywalsh3@gmail.com or 972.977.1546). A Woolsocks web site is also in the works.

“We have three rules,” explains Walsh. “Don’t sing poorly, have fun and be on time. We’re really good at the second and all right at the other two.” In working with them, Rhodes staff found them outstanding at all three.


The Woolsocks are (left to right): Cord McLean, Stephen Spainhour, Kirk Williamson, Johnny Dryman, Ben Waller, Ken Scott, Steven Johanson, Zac Berry, Chris Kent, Toney Walsh III, Joel Iwaskiewicz, John Pevy

"White Christmas"

"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

"Carry On"