Rhodes Students Lead in Army ROTC RANGER Challenge


Publication Date: 11/11/2008

The University of Memphis Army ROTC team lead by Rhodes College student and team captain Cadet Luke Koehler recently took third place in this year’s RANGER Challenge held in Columbia, S.C. Other Rhodes students who participated are Caleb Kaywood, Chip Stanford and Sammie Wicks.

Rhodes, in cooperation with The University of Memphis and the Departments of the Army and Air Force, participates in cross-town agreements that provide the opportunity for Rhodes students to enroll in ROTC.

RANGER Challenge is a mentally and physically grueling 14-hour event consisting of a written exam on tactics and map reading, the Army Physical Fitness Test, Weapons Assembly/Disassembly, the Hand Grenade Assault Course, the “Fit to Win” obstacle course, the M16A2 “Stress Shoot,” and the 10K road march with full pack and weapon. Seventeen colleges and universities participated.

The RANGERS will be honored at a breakfast (8 a.m.) in the Refectory on November 12.  Faculty, staff and students are welcome to drop by and extend their congratulations.