Rhodes Student Starts Non-Profit to Promote Education in Costa Rica


Publication Date: 11/7/2008

Anson Purdy riding horseback through Santubal

Anson Purdy ’10, an international studies major from Westfield, N.J., recently created a non-profit foundation based on his experiences as a Buckman Intern this past summer in Santubal, Costa Rica, a small farming village of about 30 families.  In addition to working on the farm, Purdy taught English and started and coached a track team.

While in Santubal, Purdy became passionate about improving literacy and education in the Costa Rican community. He founded the W.L. Purdy Santubal Partnership, a joint effort to bring young people of Santubal to the United States to experience other aspects of life that might someday positively impact their own community.  Working in cooperation with several churches and community organizations in New Jersey and Tennessee, the partnership will fund the travel and housing of the Costa Rican students for a month over the summer.

The partnership attempts to “reduce poverty, encourage the furthering of education, combat racism, and break down the barriers created by borders and languages.”  Additional information about the partnership can be found on the project Web site