Another "Big Diehl"


Publication Date: 9/8/2008

This fall marks the second year of The Big Diehl weekend program for Rhodes students. The initiative, named after former Rhodes president Charles E. Diehl, sponsors ten events per semester for little or no cost to students. The program is based in the Student Affairs Office.

Highlights for this semester include a weekend trip to St. Louis for an NFL game between the Rams and the New York Giants (September 13-14); tickets to Tyler Perry’s play, The Marriage Counselor, at The Orpheum (October 11); a sponsored laser tag event at Laser Quest (October 24); a performance by the hypnotist Michael C. Anthony at the Lynx Lair (November 8), and free tickets to any movie at Malco Paradiso (September 19 and November 22).

For more information on The Big Diehl, click here.