A Weightless Wonder Success


Publication Date: 8/8/2008

Jennifer Thompson and Chase Sliger

Physics majors Brad Atkins, Gavin Franks, Joshua Fuchs Lulu Li, Chase Sliger and Jennifer Thompson recently returned from the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston after successfully conducting their physics experiment aboard the “Weightless Wonder.”  The experiment established a stable orbit, in the absence of gravity, between two electrically charged spheres that are about the size of ping-pong balls.

Drs. Brent Hoffmeister and Deseree Meyer supervised the experiment titled “Binary Orbital Motion of Electrically Charged Spheres.” The Rhodes team was one of only 40 teams given this opportunity.

In addition, Central High School students designed their own mini-experiments, which the Rhodes team performed in Houston and videotaped in weightlessness. This fall, Rhodes students will share the results of the mini-experiments with the students.