Paul Barret, Jr. Library Cited


Publication Date: 6/6/2008

A recently published handbook on branding has cited the Paul Barret, Jr. Library as “a monumental expression of the Rhodes brand.”

Building Brand Momentum: Strategies for Achieving Critical Mass by Dr. Robert A. Sevier says, “The Rhodes College brand strategy is quite straightforward—it seizes every opportunity, including facilities, to evoke its essence, defined as dedication to ‘graduating students with a lifelong passion for learning, a compassion for others and the ability to translate academic study and personal concern into effective leadership and action in their communities and the world.’”

Part of a chapter titled “Options for Differentiating Your Institution from Your Competitors,” the feature on Rhodes reports, “Careful site selection allowed the college to heal an unfinished edge of the otherwise beautiful campus, replacing a parking lot, loading docks and two substandard buildings with a magnificent edifice that has become the hub of all intellectual and social activity.”