Life Support


Publication Date: 5/29/2008

One of Rhodes’ foundational programs in the humanities is “Life: Then and Now.” Students complete a three-semester sequence of courses that introduce them to the academic study of the Bible and the traditions of interpretation and reflection based upon it. They also choose from a variety of offerings in religious studies and philosophy.

Recently, members of a new honor society called “Life Support” were inducted. The group, intended as an analogue to the Search Advisory Council (SAC) at Rhodes, recognizes the outstanding work of first-year students in Religious Studies 101 and 102.  Inductees must have, at minimum, an “A” average and need to have contributed to Religious Studies 101 and 102 in an exceptional way, through their class participation, oral and written work.

New members of Life Support are:

Bradley Arnold
John Bryant
Leigh DeVries
Sarah Dockery
Jordana Feldman
Joseph Hiller
Aya Kato
Jami King
Michael Polovich
Kelly Prak
Maggie Rector
Michelle Shroyer
Alex Tong
(Charles) Tyler Turner
Chris Williams