Rhodes Invests in Affordability


Publication Date: 5/1/2008

The traditional news media and the “blogosphere” frequently take different tacks in reporting the news, but these days it’s the rare story in either realm that doesn’t touch on the US economy. Most include analyses of the cost of higher education.

This concern isn’t new. It has been a hot issue for at least a decade. After all, it was 10 years ago that Rhodes president William E. Troutt chaired the Congressional Commission on the Cost of Higher Education that served as a guide for the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 1998. He says he learned a great deal about providing broader access to a college education through that experience and as chair of the American Council on Education and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Because he is regarded as a national expert on the subject, Troutt is frequently quoted in the news media. The most recent article, in USA Today, gives his thoughts on the recently-released Delta Cost Project issued by a Washington-based non-profit. At Rhodes, he says, “"We are making a very significant investment in affordability."