Not Your Grandmother’s Phonathon


Publication Date: 11/9/2007

Anyone who has ever participated in a phonathon has images of banks of telephones arranged in cubicles, the smell of pizza wafting through the air and a bell ringing when someone completes a successful call.

Times have changed.

The Rhodes College Kinney program teamed up recently with the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis and held a phonathon in a campus classroom. No banks of phones. Cingular Wireless provided cells.

The pizza was the same.

“It was a great event! We had 11 Rhodes volunteers who made 236 phone calls. Many people were unable to be reached, but we ended up raising $650 - with a possibility for more to come,” reports WFGM development coordinator Brenna Ragghianti (pictured at left), a Rhodes alumna. “I couldn’t be more pleased.”